localArchitect are south coast architects serving the Nowra, Berry, Kiama, Southern Highlands and greater Sydney area, as well as taking on projects from further afield. We are a modern residential home designer, and we also enjoy creating pleasing commercial and public buildings. Wesley Hindmarch, the principal architect at localArchitect, believes that thoughtful design should always include value for money and practicality in buildings.

We’re passionate about the usability of spaces and structures, focusing on the needs of their occupants, and take a long view to maintenance and utility. Our buildings foster a sense of community, belonging and are flexible to changing needs over time. They connect indoor and outdoor spaces, providing shaded areas for enjoyment of the Australian climate.

Our architecture studio practices sensitivity to the environment and our client’s budgets, by taking time to understand your site and its natural attributes. We consider how to minimise ongoing costs and environmental impact through reducing energy usage. Our buildings employ passive heating and cooling, better insulation, careful siting and building orientation, sun-shading, natural light and natural materials to reduce their impact.

“Wherever possible, we use passionate local tradespeople, materials, and furniture makers to ensure that we support the local economy in the area in which we build, and trust those with local knowledge and experience.”

We would enjoy discussing your upcoming project, so please get in touch!